Hello there!

We are the OctoPods

a fun, generative, collectible NFT project that is hosted on the Elrond Network.
Whether you're a shrimp, crab, octopus, dolphin or a whale, OctoPods are created for everyone.

No more than 5000x 1500x OctoPod OGs will be distributed:

- 4750x 1445x Regular OctoPods 🐙
- 250x 55x Special OctoPods 🐙✨

The Specials have unique attributes, other than the Regulars but that doesn't mean they're more cooler! All the attributes of the OctoPods are individually crafted by our artist.

If you are an OctoPod holder you're also making history. You are one of the few who are entering the NFT space on the Elrond Network very early. And early adopters will always be rewarded as history has showed us!

Our team: